London Dog Walking Testimonials

As part of our desire to continuously improve our “Loving and Professional Pet Care in Your Home”, we seek feedback from all our clients.

We ask customers to rate:

  • Pet Sitting / Pet Care (care of the pet, cleanliness, grooming etc.)
  • Pet Sitter (punctuality, reliability, friendliness, professionalism, communication, paperwork etc.)
  • Company (communication, clarity, information, helpfulness, forms etc.)

On a scale of 1=very poor, 2=poor, 3=average, 4=good and 5=very good.
To date we have not had below a good (4) for any measure.

cat sitting London feedback


Below is a selection of comments.

Ms K.C. VictoriaDog Walking Victoria
“Micaela has been wonderful. She’s very sweet and Cali and Brooke seem to like her!” “

Ms K.A. and Rhubarb of Barbican
“I would mark all the categories below with not just a very good but an ‘Excellent’. Adriana is a great petsitter and pet afficionado, we have benefited from her knowledge and pet skills very much. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found someone as good with pets and as reliable as Adriana and look forwards to continuing the relationship.

Thanks so much for providing this invaluable service. ”

Mr V.P of Highgate


Ms A.H. and Millie of Wapping
How could we improve our service? “We’ve not been with you very long but so far all seems fine and Millie the dog is happy. “

Mrs S.A. of Notting Hill

How could we improve our service? “Not sure – we are really happy with everything so far. Thank you!”

Lassie, Why I Prefer Dog Walking and Dog Sitting by 1st4 London Dog WalkingThis time of the year is so worrying. I wish I could talk to my owners. They generally understand what I want. I can fetch the lead, I can bark at the door and they will take me for a walk or open the door for me.

I am well looked after and I am taken for a walk twice a day. I may not like some of the love, especially the vet visit. I know it’s bad when they want me in the back of the car. Don’t you humans know that driving in cars is dangerous? I am not a cat who has 9 lives. If, like me, you are not a puppy or ancient, this is the most likely way to kick the bucket. I am then so badly treated. When I get to the vet, he forces my mouth open and then sticks that thermometer up my backside. Doesn’t he know that dogs do not catch swine flu? Then he injects me in the neck, can’t I have a pill? This is a real pain. Then I get told off for barking at him.

So why am I worried? The family have all those holiday brochures and the map out, choosing which mysterious and far away place they could go to on holiday. I am amazed why they think they are so intelligent. They moan about how busy they are and then they go away, when their home and area is so nice.

I thought they said that I am number one! But they don’t think of what I want. They could have chosen a nearby holiday and gone away locally in the car with me. I know it’s a tight fit, but we would all be together. For me it’s a no brainer – use dog sitting and dog walking.

I still have many of the characteristics of my wolf origins. I protect my area and that’s why I go out and mark my territory. Dog sitting allows me to stay in my territory where I am relaxed and I go walking in my normal routes. I mark these as well.

Mother would rather take me to kennels where “at least she is safe.” Forgetting that I am kept in a little wooden enclosure, loads of noisy dogs around, whom I have never met and I hope won’t again. That is why I am so grubby and thin when they come to collect me. Two years on the trot! I hope it’s dog sitting this time as they tried it last year and I kept my great figure. They introduced me to the dog sitter and walker. My owners showed the dog sitter all around the house, important things such as food location and how to play with me. She knew the area and took me on some new walks, along with some of my favorites that my owners had told her about. It’s sad to say, it was a holiday for me too. I loved the dog sitter even though I missed my owners a little bit. They left me the expensive dog food and I normally only see that at Christmas. The dog sitter was focused on playing with me and more importantly taking me dog walking. With professional dog sitting and dog walking, none of the being pushed away so he can finish reading his paper. Why bother because the news is so depressing these days? Take me dog walking!

Last year they seemed so positive with this dog sitting and dog walking when they came home. No bother going to collect me. I got loads of fuss as they said they missed me. The dog sitter even did a diary. The London dog walking and sitting service they used had even posted some photos of me on their website, including with us out dog walking – so they knew I was well. None of the plants died as the dog sitter had looked after the garden. The fussing stopped, they were reading their mail, don’t know why as most of it was junk mail. No more redirecting the mail as the dog sitter had emptied the mail box. They thought that Dog Sitting, with someone coming around every day, was why no one broke in and burgled the house this year. No, it was because I was around – they wouldn’t have dared. A bit later, old meany was happy when he did his accounts and saw that dog sitting was cheaper than boarding.

Oh, I wish I could say to them, “Please use the dog sitting option!” Perhaps I should learn to write “I want dog sitting.” Perhaps I need to find some advertising guru, ‘9 out of 10 dog prefer dogs sitting’ or “Pedigree Dog Sitting as recommended by Dog Breeders.”

Yippee, humans are more intelligent than I had thought – they have chosen dog sitting!

Lassie the campaigner for dog sitting (but please note my self interest).

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